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London And Home Counties Fire Protection
11:11:36 16/03/2014
Fire extinguisher photoluminescent signage why?

I have had so many discussions about this, in the event of a fire, the lights go out and it's dark, do not try to find or use fire extinguishers. The room will be filling with deadly smoke that you will be unable to see. Leave the building by the nearest exit and get to safety, anyone selling your signs quoting 'so you can find extinguishers in the dark' has no common sense. RULE ONE ABOUT TACKLING ANY FIRE 'DO NOT PUT YOURSELF OR OTHERS IN DANGER'

London And Home Counties Fire Protection
11:01:24 16/03/2014
Importance of the carrying out your fire extinguisher inspection.

Fire extinguishers are not only required to be inspected by a competent person at least annually, companies, businesses etc have a obligation to carry out a visual inspection at least monthly. Depending on the environment and property usage will determine the frequency of this. Furthermore good communication between the responsible person within your organisation and your staff is paramount.

What follows is a true story

I was contacted on a Monday morning by a customer who reported that 3 extinguishers located on his embossing press had failed to operate, now one extinguisher is a rarity but three? On attending site said extinguishers where presented to me by a manager who was let day a bit frosty with me. All the extinguishers where completely empty, 1 powder and 2 co2 fire extinguishers. I pointed out that the likely hood of noth co2 extinguishers safety bursting discs failing was very unlikely and that the only way 9kg of dry powder was going to missing from the extinguisher body was by discharging it as no other obvious explanation was apparent. Now said manger was having none of it and he insisted that it was down to me that the extinguishers failed to work. After a couple of minutes of heated exchange one of his employees walked past and said ' what's going on?' After a brief explanation he said ' yeah we had a fire on that machine Tuesday evening and used the extinguishers'. So they put the fire out but just put all the extinguishers back on their wall fixings empty and told no one. I was pleased that the reason for the extinguishers failing to operate was found, I was vindicated of any responsibility and the customer was then aware that he was responsible for the incident. Correct and proper training would have avoided this whole incident.

London And Home Counties Fire Protection
12:38:09 11/03/2014
Had a customer ring me about existing fire extinguishers in her house, the actual extinguishers are in the photo and the details of them are new in 1986 and last inspected 1996.  They are now tend infant due go them having plastic head caps, they are Thomas Glover series 2000 extinguishers.  The thing that I don't ever get is why do people sell powder units to customers for there houses, yes they are excellent fire extinguishers but they can cause some serious collateral damage if discharged accidentally.  Full for and against can be seen on my web page below.

London And Home Counties Fire Protection
11:16:31 10/03/2014
We have our own Co2 refilling plant, therefore we can refill extinguishers, fish tank bottles and some welding bottles. As long as your cylinder is within it's test period we can refill it.  The bottles to be filled must be now stamped last tested or manufactured 2005, be free from rust and damage.

London And Home Counties Fire Protection
10:02:07 10/03/2014
As part of our environmental impact reduction we send all of our parallel threaded Co2 extinguishers for recycling, unlike one if my competitors who I caught red handed weighing in there cylinders when I turned up at a scrap yard to service the yards extinguishers.  

London And Home Counties Fire Protection
16:04:28 26/02/2014
When your installing fire exit signage, the trick is not going overboard with the quantity of signs used. A frequent mistake is to put signage into every room within a building, think about it, if there is one door out of an office you don't need to highlight the fact it's the way out of the room! The main routes leading to the exterior muster point of your business should have clear concise signage at strategic points. Always remember that you must use the same type of signage thought a building and the mixing of British Standard and European style signage is not allowed. Another classic mistake is the use of up and down arrows to indicate straight on, these must be the same throughout the building and correct in relationship direction of travel, I have seen up arrows used on a staircase where the exit is down but the person installing the signage thought straight on with a up arrow was fine.

Too many signs make escape routes confusing.

Walk your escape routes using only the signs as guidance to see where you up end.

Ensure that fire doors open without tje need for keys or excessive effort.

Keep escape routes clear and free from obstacles.

London And Home Counties Fire Protection
15:52:39 26/02/2014

New tyres for my van, oh and wheel alignment check, oh what fun lol

London And Home Counties Fire Protection
12:52:39 26/02/2014
Next job to service fire extinguishers, should just be a standard visit and then off towards home again to do more servicing. I have a new job to carry out discharge testing in Ryarsh this afternoon.

London And Home Counties Fire Protection
12:48:32 26/02/2014

It's a lovely day, why am I working lol, should be out fishing 😄. Fire extinguishers pay my bills so maybe fish at the weekend of I get chance.

London And Home Counties Fire Protection
15:50:24 25/02/2014
West Malling has a fair few businesses that require our services
London And Home Counties Fire cover West Malling and the whole ME postcode, offering fire extinguisher maintenance and fire extinguisher testing.

London And Home Counties Fire Protection
15:49:35 25/02/2014

London And Home Counties Fire Protection
11:06:04 24/02/2014

Servicing and re evaluating the fire extinguishers in a swimming pool, sadly this pool was damaged in the recent floods. Thankfully it's being refurbished and repaired and is due to open sometime in March. We thought it would be good to re evaluate the extinguisher requirements during the refurb works.

London And Home Counties Fire Protection
11:05:40 20/02/2014
This customer has units marked 'NOT MAINTAINED', this is totally wrong as these extinguishers are due a extended service, and if the customer does not have this carried out they should be marked condemned. BS5306-3 states that extinguishers that require parts that are not available on the day of inspection to be marked not maintained, with the view of the servicing company returning with said parts to fix the extinguishers. Does anyone know what they are doing these days? I can not believe the so called extinguisher companies who just work to their rules.

London And Home Counties Fire Protection
11:54:42 19/02/2014
Back in Gravesend, will I ever escape lol

London And Home Counties Fire Protection
18:40:19 18/02/2014
2 jobs in Gravesend today, I am picking ip so much new work this year, busy does not cover it. The amount of company's who have had other extinguisher company's in trying to sell them extinguishers, as there current ones require a extended service, last job was £200 and the customer said Chubb wanted nearly £800! That's not a small saving that a huge amount.

London And Home Counties Fire Protection
11:17:20 18/02/2014
First job today was a call out for extinguishers located within vehicles, most where absolutely trashed lol. Customers please fix the brackets to your vehicles as rolling around just destroys the operating instructions and paint work. For us to pass fire extinguishers fit for purpose under BS5306-3 they have to be in good condition, this means free of rust, dents and gouges from the paintwork.

London And Home Counties Fire Protection
20:18:30 17/02/2014

Answer : In the United Kingdom fire extinguishers are now manufactured to BS EN3, except wet chemical versions which are BS 7937. Any new fire extinguisher sold in the UK since 2002 has had to have a CE mark, it is an offence to supply any non CE marked new equipment.

The CE mark is quite complicated, but here goes,

Every component of the extinguisher, I.e the valve, the extinguisher body, has to have its own permanent CE Mark, i.e. stamped into the cylinder. The company assembling these parts into a extinguisher then has it's own CE mark number, this is the one usually found screen printed on the cylinders surface,.

Now the CE mark, in my opinion, has made the old faithful British Standard Kitemark in relation to fire extinguishers less of a selling point. The Kitemark means that the extinguisher has been assembled and tested in controlled conditions, in the pretty much the same way required to get the assembling companies CE mark. In the UK a enhancement of the BS Kitemark is the BAFE approval logo which incorporates the Kitemark.

The Fire Order 2005 states that extinguisher should be manufactured to BSEN3 but even older versions such as BS 5423 are perfectly acceptable until they reach there end of life. It makes no mention of Kitemarks, BAFE approval or any other approval. This marking of the certificate with non approved extinguishers is also not specified in BS5306-3 which is the servicing standard, it does say any extinguisher made from 2002, except a refurbished one, that does not have a CE mark is to be condemned.

So if your being given this Non Approved Extinguisher Spill, then ask whoever is saying it, which piece of legislation, law or standard are you referring to and please show me.

I only sell CE, Kitemarked and BAFE approved extinguishers as it just makes sense to have more approvals on the kit I sell. Do I service non approved or non Kitemarked extinguishers, yes I of every day probably and that's the way I will continue unless a change of servicing practices changes. My opinion is 'too many salesman pretending to be service technicians'.

London And Home Counties Fire Protection
13:44:04 17/02/2014
Supply and service of portable fire extinguishers, also a bit of signage required. Some of the existing extinguishers are TG Series 2000 range so unfortunately have plastic operating valves and therefore have had to be changed as it's cheaper than a refill and a new head on the old extinguishers.

London And Home Counties Fire Protection
09:34:52 17/02/2014
I have just been online comparing the prices of extinguishers to our costs, went to one site offering for a limited time a special on a water and co2 extinguisher for £38! Bargain I thought, so I went thro the entire purchasing operation and once I had added a sign, which we include free of charge, delivery and certification, again no fee for this from us the £38 had turned into £86.29 that's £15 dearer than buying from us! Where is the low cost? And the best bit was the delivery will be in the next 28days! I am beginning to think the internet sellers have had their day and there are just too many of them. Smaller extinguisher companies like ourselves can be competitive and give you access to our wealth of knowledge regarding your fire extinguisher requirements which someone on the end of a PC or telephone can not.

London And Home Counties Fire Protection
23:21:03 16/02/2014
Fire extinguishers manufactured to BS EN3 and carrying a 5 year no quibble warranty, all this at a price that won't break the bank.

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